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Do you look like your paternal great great grandfathers? Can I listen to your musical ditties? Can I look at the drawings you made during faculty meetings? FAQs  Why doesn't this link work?
Did you write a trivia book about the television show Gunsmoke? x Why doesn't this link work? Why doesn't this link work? Why doesn't this link work?
Where is your personal home page? What can you draw with one line? Can you mathematically prove God exists? FAQs  Do you hang out with the cool kids?
What are the "Best Pictures"? x What is Engineering Seminar Bingo? What is your h-index? What happened to your co-authors?
Where is Rostov-on-Don? What books changed your life? What is jawdropping probability? What are the best math theorems?
Who are your warriors? Who are experts?  Who are fools? Did you play Thad in Gunsmoke? Do any of your students cheat and lie?
Mao Did you attend the 2008 Democratic National Convention? Are you brilliant? What is your Erdös- Bacon Number? Is it a record? Who talked about you on "Coast to Coast AM?"
What is 57 years of Bob? Why are you called "Curly Bob"? Are you really THE Dr. Goodprof? Mao Do you comtemplate Mao?
Do you know George Bush Senior? Does Ringo like balls? Mao What happens if you take steroids? Are there other ways to spell "Bob"?
Can you make me see Christ Ascending? Is your wife beautiful? What do make of your name? Why is BBQ'd spaghetti so costly?
What names do NOT go with Marks? What is evolutionary informatics? What is "Bob in the Northwest"? What are your favorite dozen movies?
Is daughter Marilee a model? What is Musimatics? What are interesting quotes about Profs? What have you coined?
Are you unique? Do you get grumpy? Chaitin who? What is POCS?
Do you count? How were you number one in 2009? Did son Jeremiah sing in Carnegie Hall? What are time scales?
Were you in the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed? Lenin Do you contemplate Lenin? What are your random thoughts? Name three interesting ways to hurt yourself.
Do sumos fly? Have you written any books? Could I see your filmography? what are "The Faces of America?"
Was Darwin a Xenophobic Sexist Bigot? How many teeth do you have? Do you like the MS Office Assistant? Do you know Senator Lugar?
Do you have pictures of your ugly teeth? Do you have two functioning hearts? Do you have any evidence of a wasted life? Do you have pictures anyone can use?
Do you look like your Dad? What are some good Roller Derby names? Where is "The Cabin?" [1 2 3] What are some of the strange things your Mom & Dad said?
  What are your family cartoons? Who is Flat Stanley and how does he know Gracie? Do you have any evidence of a wasted life? FAQFAQWhat do your eyeballs look like?
What are your weird animated Bob-gifs? What is your Excel spreadsheet maze? Are there redundant questions? Did you appear in "The Simpsons"?
Isn't peer review great? What are some of your favorite YouTube videos? Does brother Ray give flirt lessons? What is Unequal Sameness?
What it the book of Hezekiah? What are your favorite YouTube videos? Information: What is it? Can you solve those puzzles at Cracker Barrel?
  What is your amazing web card trick? Penrose? What is your "Meeting Poster? [ pdf | docx ]   What is the "Meeting Poster"? [pdf | docx]