May 2, 2002

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Professors are here to teach

See a full professor hard at work:

Itís refreshing to see a full professor whoís willing to sit down after class and go through things with students. The idea of full professors lecturing and then disappearing into thin air still hasnít arrived, at least at the UW. My friend Joel Pierce told me that this was a Kodak moment, and I am inclined to agree. By the way, the teacher is professor Robert Marks from the electrical engineering department. Heís the one in the dark suit in the middle, with the Diet Coke at his feet. The UW definitely needs professors like these, because this image represents something that universities and colleges are starting to overlook. Itís comforting to know that our teachers realize that they are here to ensure that the students are educated.

Hermann Chong
senior, electrical engineering

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