About I.E.

Intelligent Education is founded and fueled by the belief that education is the key to freedom; Our students deserve the best tools and resources to help them learn in whichever way they need. We're building the courses we wish we'd had as students, and the tools and resources we want now, as parents and educators.

With the technology now available to us, we have the timely opportunity to supplement or move beyond the medieval classroom and lesson model, into something deeply interactive, modular, and immersive.

We're obsessed with a vision of a learning environment where each student feels like they can "get it" at their own pace—where boring is bad, and curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. A place where students acquire skills that make learning easier and more enjoyable, and where the joy of mastery is experienced keenly.

We are achieving all of this with the best platforms and tools available to us—from virtual reality to digital libraries, modular video lesson, learning analytics, gamification, and so much more. We're just getting started and would love for you to grow with us.

White Papers

Highly Effective Teachers of Vulnerable Youth

Highly Effective Teachers of Vulnerable Youth

An IE White Paper by Dr. Mary S. Poplin

This white paper acts as a comprehensive field manual for amateur and professional teachers alike. Poplin explores the connections between extraordinary student achievement and the classroom environment, relationships, careful instruction, humor, and more.

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