Dr. Robert J. Marks, II

Dr. Robert J. Marks, II

Distinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Baylor University

BS, MS, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

PhD, Texas Tech University


Robert Jackson Marks II is a Distinguished Professor in Electrical Engineering at Baylor University, and he also taught for 17 years at the University of Washington. He’s made many contributions to Engineering and information science, specifically the Zhao-Atlas-Marks (ZAM) time-frequency distribution in the field of signal processing and the Cheung–Marks theorem within Shannon sampling theory.

Marks’ professional awards include a NASA Tech Brief Award and a best paper award from the American Brachytherapy Society for prostate cancer research. He is Fellow of both IEEE and The Optical Society of America, and he has consulted with Microsoft Corporation, DARPA, Pacific Gas & Electric, & Boeing Computer Services.

Collaboration and research projects Dr. Marks proposed have brought funding and support from organizations such as The National Science Foundation, General Electric, The Air Force Office of Scientific Research, The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Boeing Defense, National Institutes of Health, the Army Research Office, NASA, and more. Dr. Marks has also published with over 200 different co-authors from more than 25 countries, and ten papers have been reproduced in collections of outstanding papers.

In 2017, Dr. Marks published the new book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, which, in tandem with the founding of the search and informatics website EvoInfo.org, focuses on the role of information and information theory in the modeling and analysis of evolutionary processes and phenomena.