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        Yes, please! I enjoy your posts and am glad to find a like mind online-- although you take the time to be well-organized and cite your references. Once finished with my M.A. a couple of years ago, I loved the freedom of being more stream of consciousness on my blog.

        I often read your posts and think, "wow! I was just thinking about that." This was especially true of your posts on Ravi Zacharias' book-- love that brother. Keep up the good work.

        • I likewise commend you for the considerable time you put into gathering this information. Excellent!

            • Yes, definitely do a part 2! Thank you, Jason, for taking the time to put this information out there. I don't usually have the time for my own in depth study of these sorts of topics, though they fascinate me. Your links make it so that I can look into it as time permits. It is much appreciated!

              • This so cool. My major is neuroscience, so I can say without a doubt there is a Creator,

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                  Hey Jason! Great post brother... Before you post a part two to this, check out Francis Collins: The Language of God. He's the geneticist that headed up the Human Genome Project that was the first to map out the entire strand of human DNA with those Cray systems. The project that brought him full circle back to faith is summed up in his finding that if you were to print out all of the information in every single cell in the human body and "printed it out" in 12 pt font, single spaced letters on 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper, you would require so many realms of paper that, stacked on top of each other, would be as high as the Washington Monument! Then, to deliver that "speech" at a microphone speaking at an avg rate, it would take you 33 years to give it. That's all the information in EVERY SINGLE CELL. How it is arranged mathematically, tells this cell to be a strand of hair, that one a bone cell, or tissue, or cartilage, or nail, or organ... "Every knee shall bow..." It's only a matter of time and circumstance. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for all of your service.

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                    Fascinating Stuff!!! (that's the technical word for it :) ) I shake my head at scientists who think they know more than God and in my humanity I would like to be there as they stand in front of the Throne and debate God as to why He is wrong. It takes more faith to believe that man and woman came from two separate mud clumps at the exact same time, in the exact same location than it does to believe God designed us. Great thought provoking post - love it!

                      It seems that Sanford is a Young Earth Creationist; a proponent of Intelligent Design.

                      He states during his testimony during the inquiry at Kansas that where scientific knowledge currently has no answer he is quite happy to fill the space with a god.

                      And he does not believe in common descent.

                      People like this are really worrying, because the next step is the Bible, and he alluded to such during his cross-examination. Oh, dear....

                        • Douglas, thank you for this link. This is a wonderful example of someone who jettisoned a long-held worldview for the truth of Christianity. His answers under aggressive cross-examination display the kind of rationality a Christian must use to adequately address questions about the relationship between science and faith. I would much rather hear your challenges against the ideas, rather than the man. Let's keep this a "no ad hominem" zone.

                          While making "God of the gaps" or "atheism of the gaps" arguments is too oversimplified to be productive, we can all agree that there are gaps in human understanding. And hopefully we can agree that the pursuit of truth is a worthy endeavor. May we all seek it earnestly and follow it where it leads.

                            • The one view he expressed, which I felt was valid, was that there must come a point where science ( and presumably scientists) say "We don't know".

                              As a flat out atheist, I am perfectly okay with this.

                              There have been times throughout history where people have been faced with many an issue and had to concede that they didn't know....then.

                              Yet much of that which we can now call historical science we do have answers for.

                              But the main issue central to the Kansas hearings seems to be what must be done about the 'We don't know' gap?

                              For those in favour of the Minority Report the answer was God. And in context, not just any old god, but the tacit implication being it must be the Christian god ( as these were Christians)
                              Even though the proponents were hesitant to include this option in the supposedly neutrality of scientific endeavour, when pushed, Sanford, for example, expressed his Christianity and Young Earth Creationist views and suggested the supernatural should not be discounted.

                              Ultimately, his beliefs fall back on the biblical genesis foundation, for which scientific evidence refutes.
                              Even archaeological evidence dismisses claims that afford any veracity to the Pentateuch.

                              In fact, for Sanford to admit that he believes the earth is around 10,000 years old is mind-numbing, as this implies he is a proponent of dinosaur /human co-existence .

                              Worse, it involves such nonsense as no death before ''Adam's Fall'' and a belief that dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex were herbivores, and were included on The Ark ( another piece of Creationist nonsense) which is utterly incredulous.

                              I am sorry, Jason, but ''god'' help people who are inculcated with this diatribe.

                              To hold such views is nuts enough but to want to teach such views on the basis of biblical interpretation to children is tantamount to abuse.

                              I would advise ( when you have the time) you read through the testimony from Part 1.

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