The Baylor and 2012  

 Robert J. Marks II

When I first saw Baylor 2012 in 2002, my jaw dropped.   The goal of a major Christian university to pursue uncompromised research while unapologetically celebrating a Christian world view and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  As a junior in college, I had recognized what Pascal called a God shaped vacuum in my soul, a vacuum which could only be filled with Christ as Lord and Redeemer.  I received that gift in exchange for my surrender to His Lordship and service.  At the time, I knew what a retrobate I was and knew I needed a new perspective on life. Today, I know belief in Christ is not only a perspective.  It's the truth.  A truth evident in man's spirit, God's creation and all that I experience.  I'm still a retrobate by the way.  I struggle to take thoughts captive, love my neighbors - even the jerks, keep a civil tongue, avoid luring temptations, and not punch walls in anger hard enough to leave dents.  But the joy I have in my Lord, the joy that surpases all understanding, is now part of my life.  And the assurance of eternity makes even the worst of worldly events seem trite.  I feel like a parched traveler on the edge of death who was fortunate enough to find an oassis of fresh sweet water.  And I enjoy telling others about the location of that well.

I had been a Professor in electrical engineering at the University of Washington for 26 years when I was contacted about coming to Baylor.