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KC Mulville
Jan '11
KC Mulville
Paul Snively: You're probably also aware, then, that the current logical effort in knowledge goes under the rubric of Justification Logic.

No, no ... I'm out of the game, academically. I work for a living!  I subscribe to a few journals, but I don't keep the pulse of the philosophic community. I spend most of my time on game theory, so I'm likely blinkered.

All the more reason for me to spend some time on the links you've offered. I'm certainly not above learning a few tricks!

Information Theory is a tangent I've been following for about a year now, and it appeals to me because it rings a few bells from classic epistemology. But it's too early for me to be sold on it completely ... I'm a natural skeptic. 

I appreciate the links, though ... as I've said before, a good idea can start an adventure, and these look like they might be fun.

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