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18 June 2010

EVIDENCE FOR GOD — now shipping!

William Dembski

The following anthology, coedited by me and Mike Licona, is now available at Amazon.com:

Here’s the table of contents for the science section:

Section Two: The Question of Science

8. Creator and Sustainer: God’s Essential Role in the Universe — Robert Kaita

9. The Pale Blue Dot Revisited — Jay W. Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez

10. Oxygen, Water, and Light, Oh My! The Toxicity of Life’s Basic Necessities — Joe W. Francis

11. The Origin of Life — Walter Bradley

12. What Every High School Student Should Know about Science — Michael Newton Keas

13. Darwin’s Battleship: Status Report on the Leaks This Ship Has Sprung — Phillip E. Johnson

14. Debunking the Scopes “Monkey Trial” Stereotype — Edward Sisson

15. How Darwinism Dumbs Us Down: Evolution and Postmodernism — Nancy Pearcey

16. Limits to Evolvability — Ray Bohlin

17. Evolutionary Computation: A Perpetual Motion Machine for Design Information? — Robert J. Marks II

18. Science, Eugenics, and Bioethics — Richard Weikart

19. Designed for Discovery — Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richards

20. Intelligent Design: A Brief Introduction — William A. Dembski

21. Intelligent, Optimal, and Divine Design — Richard Spencer

22. Molecular Biology’s New Paradigm: Nanoengineering Inside the Cell — Bill Wilberforce

23. Panning God: Darwinism’s Defective Argument against Bad Design — Jonathan Witt

24. The Role of Agency in Science — Angus Menuge

25. The Scientific Status of Design Inferences — Bruce L. Gordon

26. The Vise Strategy: Squeezing the Truth Out of Darwinists — William A. Dembski

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8 Responses


Upright BiPed


5:45 pm

What a list. Nice!




6:21 pm

Looks to be a excellent apologetic resource.




2:41 am

Dr. Dembski congratulations on the new book.

I rather have a question concerning another book you have in preparation.

I have noticed, reading your CV, that there is a 2nd edition of No Free Lunch coming out. Do you know maybe will it be out by the end of the year, or possibly early next year?

Thank you.


William Dembski


6:53 am

skynetx: Thanks for your interest in NFL. We’re looking at 2011.




7:29 am

Thank you for your quick reply Dr. Dembski. I’ll be looking forward to the new edition and try to stay patient ’till 2011. :D


Saint and Sinner


11:45 am

Dr. Dembski,

Have you heard anything about the release date of The Nature of Nature?



William Dembski


1:36 pm

Saint and Sinner: NoN should be ready to be indexed next month. I expect it to be in bookstores October or November.


Saint and Sinner


5:59 pm

Thank you!

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