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2009 Top Ten Darwin and Design Science News Stories

Access Research Network has just released its annual "Top 10 Darwin and Design Science Stories" for 2009.

Gaining top honors on the list was a peer-reviewed article by intelligent design theorists William Dembski and Robert Marks II in the September 2009 journal IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. The authors used computer simulations and information theory to challenge the ability of neo-Darwinian processes to create new functional genetic information. This research provides validation for the core ideas in Dembski's 2001 book No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased without Intelligence. "For years the scientific establishment has tried to brush off intelligent design claiming that there are no peer-reviewed scientific articles supporting the theory and no research being done from the intelligent design paradigm," stated ARN Executive Director, Dennis Wagner. "This article is yet another rebuttal to both charges, and the research results put the monkey squarely on the back of the scientific materialists' to prove Darwinian processes can actually create new functional genetic information" Wagner concluded.

While there was a lot of hype in the media this year about the Darwin Bicentennial Celebration, Kevin Wirth, ARN Director of Media Relations, found it ironic that a several of the stories on ARN's top ten list this year were articles in scientific journals proclaiming that Darwin's theory should be abandoned because it no longer fits the data, or is severely limited in what it can do or explain. According to
Wirth "a cross disciplinary approach to biology is leading scientists away from reductionistic theories like Darwinian evolution toward more collective, holistic, systems approach." In one of the top ten articles on this topic Mark Buchanan states in Nature Physics "A coming revolution may go so far as to unseat Darwinian evolution as the key explanatory process in biology."

An online version of the ARN Top 10 Darwin and Design stories for 2009 with hyperlinks to original news sources can be found at



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