Baylor University President John M. Lilley Fired

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Baylor University President John M. Lilley Fired

UnIntelligent Design John M. Lilley who took over Baptist Baylor University less that 3 years ago was surprisingly and abruptly fired yesterday. His short response was "I deeply regret the action of the board, and I do not believe that it reflects the best interests of Baylor University." John Lilley.

Though matters of tenure and logo design (believe it or not) are reported as the reasons, it was about no such thing. Rather it is the revenge of Baptist fundamentalists over encroaching secularism regards Intelligent Design. Ever since ID guru William Dembski resigned in 2000 because Baylor closed the door on his Intelligent Design department room (as it had became the laughing stock of World academia) the Taliban wing at Baylor has been festering to make its move.

Here is one of many places that tells it like it is. Baylor Rejects Intelligent Design April 23, 2008

This is one of those issues that the mainstream media is loath to talk about as the majority of their audience denies evolutionAs such reporting logically and reasonably on the issue could very well stop their audience from buying as many Buds, sleeping pills and pickup trucks as they do nowBut the reporter for the Houston Chronicle did find a way to at least get it lightly powdered into this bag of high ignorance and low intolerance. Or is that Low ignorance and high intolerance?  

Reeter echoed other people interviewed in saying he did not want to be critical of Lilley. The concern, he said, is not that Lilley has taken Baylor in a more secular direction, but that the school needs an even "bolder" Christian vision.

"Baylor has a unique position in our world that many in academia think is a difficult position," he said, noting the often-mentioned conflict between science and biblical beliefs, including creationism or intelligent design. "We feel that is part of our calling. I think Baylor believes the two things can not only coexist, but they can powerfully coexist."

A new president will need to understand Baylor's "faith mission," Toben said.

"I think it's very important that the next president understand Baptist culture," he said. "Matters of faith, morals, values become very important in animating a university with a faith mission. Baylor regents dismiss president

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I would like to know if there's any way I can have that AWESOME image on my t-shirt? I feel more and more hatred and I need to display it to the public.
#1 Michelle on 2008-07-25 10:33
I'd like a T-shirt with that diagram, too.
#2 gesres on 2008-07-25 11:03
I just happened into that graphic in Google Images... There was no info on who to credit for it that I could find
I will try and get a copy of it down to 160 wide so others can use it sidebars and the like...
#3 Rack Jite on 2008-07-25 12:09
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