Friday, May 2, 2008

Expelld: A Commentary on the Culture

Expelled is A commentary on the culture.

Last week I was able to attend a showing of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This documentary by Ben Stein has been lauded by several leaders of the Christian community at large. It puts into order many of the pieces of the ongoing politically charged pseudo-science affront to keep the intelligent design investigation suppressed.

A few years ago Al Gore won an Oscar for his film entitled An Inconvenient Truth. It dealt with global warming as a verifiable fact. However it has yet to be seen through verifiable data. It has been praised by Hollywood, (Like minds think alike) and some scientists, and been blasted by suppressed scientists. As a matter of fact a month ago the John Coleman, owner of the Weather Channel stated in an Associated Press report of March 13, 2008 that Al Gore ought to be sued for fraudulent claims from his documentary.

But this article isn’t about Al Gore and the statements the Darwinian scientists want to make. Its about freedom of speech as outlined in Expelled. You see, Darwinists, like global warming enthusiasts who have yet to prove anything or find the missing link, don’t play fair. They have a set of rules that allows them to propagate their ideology, but if a Intelligent Design theorist wishes to speak up or conduct research they seemingly harass and change the rules of tolerance at will.

Now think about this, if I theorize that the moon is made of green cheese, I get laughed and dismissed as crazy, but I am not attacked. Why because it is no threat to your worldview. Tests can be made to disprove my ideology and thus I am dismissed as a non issue. But when an ID Scientists puts out facts and plausible arguments or even questions evolution, which has scientific sustainability, they are immediately scholastically exiled and treated as a cockroach. Why, because the basis truth of Romans 1 is the Darwinists want to live without God so that there are no moral absolutes to challenge their lifestyles, read that sinful revelry.

Mr. Stein and company bring forth a difficult subject that often will not interest others in a palatable way. Within the confines of the ninety minutes or so of screen time, Ben takes on the heavy hitters, specifically Richard Dawkins. Dawkins has since seen the movie and ranted that he was filmed under false pretenses. I ask you Mr. Dawkins, would you have a different opinion based upon a different audience? Regardless, Dawkins is the head atheist at large today. His book The God Delusion has made him extremely wealthy and brought great fame. I just wish all who have read his book would also read Alister and Joanna McGrath’s book The Dawkins Delusion.

Being one that has followed much of the Darwinian debate and ID controversy, I found Expelled to be a great summary of the murmuring. Having read the McGrath’s book a few months ago, I found that Expelled does a great job. Its not fancy editing and sound bites. Its good investigation. It’s not quite balanced in letting the evolutionists explain why they believe the way they do, but then again, if there is no evidence you don’t have much to say. Listed below are some great sources I have found in the ID/Darwinian debate.

But again, the movie is about free speech. False ideas ought to be shown as such and then dismissed. But as it is shown ID does not even get a pretrial. Its scourged and whispered about. It is not surprising that George Mason University, The Smithsonian, and several others take a stand against ID. But what shocked me most is that Baylor University, a once Christian school (Maybe they are still but they are going the way of Biola) had the audacity to fire/remove/dismiss a professor who had favorable thoughts of ID. That is just unthinkable, but it happened.

Controversy is not new. Much of the New Testament was written on the basis of informing the church of who Truth is when distortions abound. Remember, evolution is an effort to do away with God. When you go to this movie, and I think you should, take a pad of paper and pen. Write down the names of these scientists. Then dig deeper, know the arguments of ID and what scripture has to say to these theories and be prepared to engage in the culture.

You can’t help but make a comparison between the two movies An Inconvenient Truth and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Ben Stein will not win an Oscar. He won’t even be nominated.

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