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Saturday March 1st, 2008


Ian Punnett


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Water Wars
Academic Discrimination
Problems w/ Neo-Darwinism

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Neo-Darwinism & Academic Suppression

Film Producer of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (view movie trailers), Mark Mathis discussed his research into how the academic world treats university scientists, professors, and researchers who question the theory of Neo-Darwinism.

According to Mathis, there has been a systematic exclusion of any origin theory which proposes the idea that there is design in the universe that may be better explained by an intelligent source, rather than from random processes. As an example, he talked about the recent controversy involving Guillermo Gonzalez, astronomer and author of The Privileged Planet. Mathis said Gonzalez, the author of 68 peer-reviewed papers, was denied tenure at Iowa State University because of his views on intelligent design.

Mathis cited other cases of academic discrimination, including one involving Baylor University's Robert Marks, who was told to shut down a website he created which challenged Darwinian evolution. Mathis also discussed Richard Sternberg, who came under fire for publishing a paper by intelligent design advocate Stephen Meyer in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington.

Ian hosted Open Lines during the last hour of the program.
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