Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baptist Professors Dembski and Marks to be Featured in Ben Stein's Expelled

The Southern Baptist Texan has a great article that notes two Baptist professors (William Dembski from Southwestern Seminary and Robert Marks from Baylor) will be featured in Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - a movie exposing the academic bias against intelligent design.

William Dembski says:

. . . that those who most need to see the movie are “parents of children in high school or college, as well as those children themselves, who may think that the biological sciences are a dispassionate search for truth about life but many of whose practitioners see biology, especially evolutionary biology, as an ideological weapon to destroy faith in God.”
Robert Marks says:
“I sat there and I laughed. I laughed because I have seen this atheistic, big-science mafia squad come out and kill the careers of many of my friends. Guillermo Gonzalez, who I knew at the University of Washington. Richard von Sternberg, who I recently met. And to see their motivation and goals so clearly exposed in a Ben Stein sort of dry humor was incredible. I really, really enjoyed the movie. I think it is going to have an enormous impact. I hope it does.”
Read entire article here.