Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Intellectual Insecurity at Baylor

It would appear that my comments about the apparent intellectual insecurity at Iowa State (also here) would apply to Baylor as well. And it looks like this intellectual insecurity will get a lot more attention soon, and will really put Baylor on the map:

What we have uncovered in our documentary film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, is an attack on freedom of speech and scientific inquiry that is as frightening as it is appalling. And it's happening right here at Baylor.

. . .

What are those consequences? The ultimate penalty is to have Baylor marginalized by being designated as not a "legitimate institution of higher learning." So designated merely for the "crime" of allowing Neo-Darwinism to be questioned, since conventional elitist wisdom holds it's no longer a theory but an inviolable truth.

Do you think this is some kind of fanciful conspiracy theory? Google the names of Richard Sternberg, Caroline Crocker, Guillermo Gonzalez, Dean Kenyon and Bill Dembski and see what you find. These distinguished scientists have suffered severe consequences for questioning Darwinian theory and there are hundreds, if not thousands, more.

We want to speak with President Lilley about this academic suppression, so we are going to give him one more chance. Mr. Stein is sending a crew down to knock on President Lilley's door Thursday, September 20.

Will he talk? We hope so. But even if he doesn't, the actions of the Baylor administration will be in our film.


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