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Creationist Mini-Museum to Come to Wisconsin Dells

As Wisconsin Dells Events reported, private collector Bill Mielke hopes to establish an artifact display
in the Dells area showing humans and dinosaurs were contemporaries. . .

Mielke said these museums include artifacts from the Grand Canyon, Cambodia, Congo, Japan, South America, Mesopotamia, Mexico and Peru. The artifacts include burial stones, engravings, pottery and drawings depicting dinosaurs and humans co-existing as well as fossils and DNA models disproving evolution.

Mielke also says he has trilobite fossil with a sandal footprint on top of it. Sounds interesting but I'm dubious that a sandal print could be easily verified. Stuff like this and this is what should shock most tourists. John Hawks and PZ Myers have commented on the planned museum, and even sound interested in visiting themselves. Maybe Mielke could give them a VIP tour or something.

Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be talking about the Robert Marks fiasco at Baylor. (If this is the first you've heard, go here for background.) Although Baylor president John Lilley may have finally made a peep, he can't hide for long now that Baylor's own student newspaper is criticizing him and his faculty:

[F]ormer president Robert B. Sloan Jr. is easier to get ahold of than Lilley. When The Lariat called the office of the Houston Baptist University president, we were patched right through.

However, when trying to reach our own president, we run into a string of red tape that media relations proudly declares is "the same treatment we give the New York Times." This is nothing to brag about.

By making itself unavailable to the press, the Lilley administration has forfeited its voice in major conversations. Even though representatives from media relations eagerly give statements to newspapers across the country, nothing has the same effect as a word from the president.

. . . .

Now the Lilley administration is declining to meet with the producers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a documentary following intelligent design issues in higher education.

By hiding out, it's beginning to look like Lilley's got something worth hiding.

Nothing would silence the conspiracy theorists like undeniable physical presence. Show up to meetings, make public statements, maybe even hit up the Bear Trail while you're at it.

As your student body, we'd like to hear from you once in a while.


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