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September 19, 2007

Intelligent Design Researcher Censored

Coverage of Baylor University versus Professor Robert Marks has been pretty widespread, especially on ID blogs.  A website he had on the Baylor server was shut down.  His website reported on his mathematics research regarding the potential limits of Darwinian theory.  From here:

"As many of you have heard, Marks, a distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been conducting research that ultimately may challenge the foundation of Darwinian theory. In layman's terms, Marks is using highly sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques to determine if there are limits to what natural selection can do."

When Baylor officials realized his research potentially questioned evolutionary dogma they simply shut down his website without even informing him.  His academic freedom (usually considered sacred) was clearly violated.  Even PZ Myers at his Pharyngula blog, a very outspoken, vitriolic critic of ID came out in support of Mark's academic freedom to study and report anything he wished.  Good for PZ.  (I would point to his blog but it is down right now.)

It has been argued by evolutionists that there is NO effort to stifle scientists who question Darwinity.  But there are many examples, this one the most recent.  The controversy has attracted the attention of Ben Stein who is working on a documentary film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  The censorship at Baylor will make it in the film for sure.  Dr. Mark's attorney is working on this as well.

The efforts of evolutionists to censor anything ID is backfiring.   For ID scientists to draw inferences of design from their scientific observation is science.  The rabid efforts of Darwinists to claim they are idiots who don't understand science simply are illogical.  They use an unnatural definition of science to protect their materialistic faith.  As long as they control the definition of science they can hide behind their often silly statements.  Personally, I think we will continue to see the evolution monopoly unravel.

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