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"Stick It In" no more

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In response to complaints about its offensive nature, Virginia Tech's athletic director has banned a chant shouted by students and cheerleaders at football games, the Collegiate Times reported. The "Stick It In" cheer is traditionally used when the Virginia Tech football team is close to scoring a touchdown.

The move is another in a series of decisions aimed at downplaying the sexual content of Virginia Tech's most infamous football cheer. Several years back, the school's band and cheerleaders were forbidden from gyrating and pelvic thrusting.

Like the "See Ya" chant at Michigan hockey games, the cheer will likely survive - at least in the student section.


A Florida State University business student who had gone missing about two weeks ago was found in jail last week under the pseudonym "Andrew Hustle."

The student, whose real name is Ryan Giacomin, was arrested on Sept. 3 after allegedly starting a fire at a gas station. Officials at the jail weren't able to identity Giacomin because he had no criminal record and his prints were not on file. He also gave police a false birthday and social security number.

His real identity surfaced after a court employee recognized his picture on a news report about a missing student. Giacomin is now facing new charges of providing false information to police.


Baylor University shut down a professor's personal website earlier this week because the page supported intelligent design. College officials said they removed the site from the school's server because the subject matter was "immaterial" and the professor did not follow proper protocol for posting research.

Access to the page was blocked before the professor could discuss the issue with school officials. The professor's lawyer has argued that his client was not given the opportunity to post a disclaimer on his website and that the University's decision to remove the website constitutes discrimination.


A tenured University of Nebraska professor agreed to resign after being arrested for giving explosives to students in his Chemistry 110 class last year, the college announced last week.

According to students, the professor asked a student to fetch a paper bag full of firecrackers from his office during class, then allowed multiple students to take the explosives home with them.

The professor underwent treatment for manic-depression. The charges were dropped.


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