UD Invites Readers to Write to the Board of Regents at Baylor.

Over at Uncommon Descent, readers have been invited to write respectful emails or letters expressing concerns about the troubling events over at Baylor to the people on the board of regents. The addresses along with phone numbers and other information can be found here. According to Dr. Dembski, he has found out that president Lilley is indeed the problem and has dug in his heels. The only people who can overturn his decision is the board of regents. (Who can in fact fire him.)

I have sent in what I think are respectful e-mails, and I hope many others will as well, so that at least the people on the board of regents will know a lot of people are hoping that they will act.

Dr. Dembski has also pointed out in response to a comment (From yours truly.) that it may be a good idea to notify the people on the board of regents that these events at Baylor will be appearing in “Expelled”. This indicates that his earlier hint on the matter was not from intuition but from knowledge.

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