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Can Intelligent Design and Academic Freedom Co-exist?

Submitted by Paul on Fri, 2007-09-14 02:09.

William Dembski authored a blog entry at Telic Thoughts with the title MEDIA COVERAGE: Baylor, Robert Marks, and the Evolutionary Informatics Lab. Within it are links to other articles about the controversy.

Robert Marks, a professor at Baylor, has been engaged in a research project that might yield data favorable to intelligent design. He also had a website, hosted by Baylor University, which contained information about the project. Following anonymous complaints on the heels of Mark's interview with known IDist Casey Luskin, Baylor pulled the plug on Mark's website. Marks was forced to find another host. Although Baylor denies it, there are many who believe Mark's offense, as seen through the eyes of school adminstrators, is the nature of his research. That would not bode well for academic freedom.

Submitted by Paul on Fri, 2007-09-14 02:09.
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