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Article Date: Sep 07, 2007

Baylor U. Shuts Down Prof's ID Website

Officials at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, ordered the shutdown of one of the school's distinguished professors' personal websites because the site, hosted on the university's server, supported Intelligent Design. Robert Marks, distinguished professor of electrical and computer engineering at Baylor, launched a website called the Evolutionary Informatics Lab in June that offered scientific support for Intelligent Design.
William Dembski, a research professor in philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, told BP, "Robert Marks is a world-class expert in the field of evolutionary computing, and yet the Baylor administration, without any consideration of the actual content of Marks' work at the Evolutionary Informatics Lab, decided to shut it down simply because there were anonymous complaints linking the lab to Intelligent Design."
Lori Fogleman, director of media communications at Baylor, told BP, "This isn't about the content of the website. Really the issue is related to Baylor's policies and procedures of approving centers, institutes, products using the university's name."
Robert Crowther of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture said ID has become such a controversial issue because it challenges traditional science. "We know things now and there are new discoveries being made all the time that are leading a number of scientists to not just question Darwinian evolution but to actively pursue research into Intelligent Design. ... We wouldn't be having the debate if there wasn't something going on in science that was causing a lot of questions to rise from most of the scientists."
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