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September 04, 2007

More ID Controversy at Baylor

From the hiring of William Dembski to the tenure case of Francis Beckwith my alma mater is a hot bed of intelligent design controversy.  Now, I see there's another one over an engineering professor, Robert Marks II.

When I was at Baylor, at least, one or two of the philosophy professors were sympathetic with intelligent design.  Once, I remember in class we were discussing the relationship between Aristotle's "metaphysical biology" and his ethics in After Virtue and the professor mentioned something like 'some people think teleology is coming back in biology.'  In retrospect I believe he was referring to intelligent design.   The year after I finished up there that same professor was, if I'm not mistaken, influential in bringing Dembski to campus.  I also took a course with that professor on the politics of higher education and the role of religion in higher education at religiously affiliated universities.


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