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According to Wesley Elsberry's blog The Austringer the web pages of Robert J. Marks' The Evolutionary Informatics Lab at the Baylor University disappeared. But what is going on at First it seemed that Marks should be presented as the next victim expelled from the science community. Here's how the Austringer describes the situation:

Now, a post at Dembski’s “Uncommon Descent” weblog is claiming Robert Marks as the newest IDC martyr for the cause. Poster “Botnik” put up what is purported to be a quoted email he received from Baylor University President John Lilley. And what was weird before gets even weirder. At first, there was no notice given with the quote; now the article says that it is all a parody. Whatever the motivation, posting the following as being from Lilley is definitely strange:
Indeed strange. It should be noted though, that Marcks' aplogetics web sites are still on Baylor's servers. There you will find presentations like „Science, God & Christ: The emerging Harmony of Science and the Bible: Intelligent Design and the Anthropic Principal”.
A little bit of Behe, Dembski & Co, as well as Mount Rushmore, X-men, Alfred Hitchcock, again and again Stephen Hawking, all that peppered with bible quotes.

My favourite slide from the presentation (all emphasis mine):
Evidence of Design
Existence & Creation of Time
Creation via the Big Bang
Creation via Cantorian Transfinite Numbers
Evidence in Biochemical Design
The Fine Tuning of the Universe
ALL Things
“The problem [with those who seek evidence] … is not the absence of evidence; it is, rather, the suppression of it” Ravi Zacharias (Jesus Among Other Gods)
Harmony With Scripture
Of course you can't argue against "ALL Things". I only wonder what WMAD thinks about it. I always thought ID-creationists wanted to restrict their claims to living things in public. In addition; I thought ID-creationists didn't want to mention their christian god: Another Marks presentation (Genesis and Science: Compatibility Extraordinaire) which of course contains Michelangelo's inevitable Adam does really meet this criterium.

Although Botnik on UD now claims that the whole issue is a parody IMO, Marcks is indeed

(but didn't loose his job at Baylor's)

However, with his weired aplogetic presentations he expelled himself from the scientific community.

Dembski is backpaddeling and he removed the thread at UD. Instead you'll find this:

Parody at UD

William Dembski

When Botnik approached me about whether it would be all right to post his parody of what President John Lilley of Baylor might be thinking in trying to justify his expulsion of Prof. Robert Marks’s Evolutionary Informatics Lab from Baylor, I thought it mirrored what motivates many academics in wanting to stamp out ID. Besides, it seemed to me so over-the-top that I didn’t think the parody would be lost on anyone. And UD has had its humorous side (witness Galapagos Finch).

Clearly, readers of UD fell for it, but so did many people on the other side, judging by all the many emails they sent President Lilley to confirm whether Botnik’s parody actually represented Lilley’s words. In retrospect, it’s clear that this piece of tomfoolery went too far. I’m therefore removing the thread. I hope Baylor and President Lilley take its removal as a gesture of goodwill on the part of UD as they reconsider what to do about Robert Marks and his Evolutionary Informatics Lab.

Seems like WMAD shot in his foot again.

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