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Hi Bob, Just wanted to thank you for a nice web site devoted to Gunsmoke. I saw my first episode in l959. I was dating a girl who was very young and could be out alone with me so we looked forward to Gunsmoke every Saturday evening. Of course they were the black and white versions.

I just saw the 1953 western "HONDO" with John Wayne. [Editor's note: Click HERE to see a still from Hondo] As you probably know James Arness had a small bit part in this movie. I wonder if it was working with Arness in this film that prompted Wayne to recommend Arness for the role of Matt Dillion.

Also, I would appreciate knowing the locations outside the CBS studios where Gunsmoke was filmed on location. Looks like Arizona but not sure.

I think one of my favorite Gunsmokes was the one with Strother Martin and Ken Curtis. The color one in which Martin plays a man living and stranded in the desert trying to get to a town called Tin Strike. Hope you have seen this one. It's really a classic.

Thanks for preserving a lot of memories for me. I have always loved Gunsmoke and the wonderful characters in it. It was the great acting of Amada Blake, Ken Curtis, Milbourn Stone and of course James Arness that was responsible for such a successful run of 20 years.

Thanks again! Steve Richmond, Brea Ca.