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Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 12:56:33 -0600 From: dkorol <> Reply-To: To: Subject: web page 

Hi. I want to share a story with you as to how I found your web page! Is "unreal."  

Prior saying my "goodbyes" during visits my elderly aunts, I would tell them: "if the man of my dreams shows up in your dreams -- send him to. . ." and then I would tell them where I was staying for the night. I did this as a ritual that they eventually came to expect.

My beloved aunt kathryn died over this past thanksgiving. My remaining aunt mary said to me: "Darla, I don't think you'll get ever get a man now, because kathryn is gone and I don't remember my dreams anymore!"

Several weeks thereafter, I had my first dream about being married! And guess who was my husband -- Festus Hagan! Of all the men I could have dreamt about!!!! I saw the commericials for the Gunsmoke broadcasts on TV Land and he must have stuck in my subconscious! I shared this funny dream with my aunt and my students, where upon, one of my students found your Festus material and sent me the picture of him in the top hat with a note: "is this how he looked in your dream?"


My response was: "How in the world did you find such a picture of him?" and my student then put me onto your web page!  

I loved Gunsmoke growing up and I again thank you for the picture of my "dream" husband, and the enjoyment I am getting from the materials you have labored over to share with Gunsmoke fans!

God Bless you and your efforts with the Campus Crusade for Christ group!