A lesson to teach English to students at National Taiwan University. The 1952 Gunsmoke radio play, Kitty, is used.

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Hi -

    Love your site! I've used a Gunsmoke radio episode as a listening
assignment for my English classes here at Taiwan University. The exercises
are at: http://ccms.ntu.edu.tw/~karchung/Gunsmoke.htm and
http://ccms.ntu.edu.tw/~karchung/Gunsmoke%20(II).htm in case you're
interested - and feel free to add the links to your site if you'd like.

    I was wondering, though - the RealPlayer link to the radio version of
KITTY, November 29, 1952 isn't complete - it stops about 5 minutes into the
program. Is there any way of getting the whole thing online? I made tape
recordings for my students, so it wasn't a problem for us, but it would be
nice if the original program and exercises could be made available to a
wider audience.


     Karen Steffen Chung
     National Taiwan University

     Phonetics and more at:

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your note!  I've always known that Gunsmoke is educational.

I have been to Taiwan once.  I want to return.  I believe I have mustered the courage on my second trip to eat "stinky tofu."

I'm not sure the source of the problem you are having with the RealPlayer.  For some reason, it is quitting early. 

Try this, though.  Right click on "Kitty" and download it to your computer.  It's about 3.5M.  There should be less problem doing that.

If this doesn't work, please let me know.

Best regards,

Bob Marks