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    • What was the name of Festus' mule?
      • Which one is the real Festus?

    • (T/F) Chester and Festus were cousins.



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    • Festus had a male twin brother named
      • Bob.
      • Harry.
      • Hack.
      • Fester.
      • Howard.
      • Fergen.
      • Maude.

        Answer: Fergen. Festus did have a male cousin named Maude.

    • Did Festus' twin ever appear on an episode of Gunsmoke?
      • No ... he was dead a few months before Festus ever met Matt. Festus did have an evil look-alike that was no relation to him. He got kilt.

    • Did Festus ever kiss a girl?
    • Yes. Looky here...

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    • When Festus was born, his Uncle Felgren shot himself in the foot.
      • True

    • Did Festus know when he was born?
      • No

    • Festus was named after a person in the Bible.
      • True ... the judge named in the Book of Acts.

    • Was Festus ever married?
      • No

    • Festus met Matt Dillon while both were tracking Festus' Uncle
      • Bobby the Kid Haggen.
      • Ringo Haggen.
      • Jesse James Haggen.
      • Hack Haggen.
      • Howard Haggen.
      • Black Jack Haggen.

        Answer: ... Black Jack Haggen

    • Festus' uncle, played by veteran actor Denver Pyle, was wanted for
      • murder.
      • bank robbery.
      • rape.
      • a stage coach hold up.
      • nepotism.

          Answer: ... murder

    • On his first appearance on Gunsmoke, was Ken Curtis billed in the credits as one of the regulars along with Doc and Kitty?
      • No

    • In the first few Gunsmoke episodes, Festus did not speak with his later famous drawl.
      • False

    • In the first few Gunsmoke episodes, Festus did not have his later famous squint.
      • True

    • Which eye did Festus squint?
      • His right

    • At times, Dillon deputized Festus.
      • True

    • For what reason could Dillon trust Festus to not read official government mail?
      • Festus couldn't read.

    • Festus did not own a horse. How did he generally travel?
      • On his mule.

    • Festus named his rifle
      • Ol' Nellie Bell.
      • Ruth.
      • Connie.
      • Efram.
      • Ol' Bessie.
      • Ol' Paint.

        Answer: ... Ol' Bessie

    • Immediately prior to moving to Dodge, Festus made his living as
      • a bounty hunter.
      • a cowboy.
      • a wolfer.
      • a whiskey drummer.
      • a sheriff.
      • an army scout.
        Answer:... a wolfer - he also previously worked laying track for the rail road and panned gold.

Festus Wolfer Video...

    • Did Ken Curtis ever get killed on a Gunsmoke episode?
      • Yes ... prior to Festus, Curtis played a cowboy who got shot by a jayhawker

    • What sound characterizes Festus' walk?
      • The sound of spurs.

    • Nearly every spring, Festus
      • went trapping.
      • fell in love.
      • got a summer cold.
      • tried to learn to read.

        Answer: ... went trapping

    • Like the Hatfield's and the McCoys, the Haggen's had a feud with a family named the
      • McCains.
      • Dooley's.
      • Juniors.
      • Everlies.
      • Youngs.
      • Porters.

        Answer: ... Dooley's

    • What dish similar to lobster did Festus enjoy?
      • Crawdads or crayfish

    • With what did Festus clean his teeth?
      • His index finger

    • Why did Festus occasionally stick his head into a horse trough?
      • To cool the blood in his head on hot days.

    • When Festus greases and combs his hair, the part is
      • on the right side.
      • on the left side.
      • down the middle.

        Answer: ... down the middle

    • An Indian name given Festus was
      • man with squinty eye.
      • great white hunter.
      • man afraid of razor.
      • buffalo breath.

        Answer: ... man afraid of razor

    • Here is a list of the first names of some Haggen people to which Festus is related. Which three of them are his aunts?
      • Homer, Heathcliff & Henry
      • Blackjack, Theodore & Maude
      • Mayblossom, Frank & Blanche

        Answer: Theodore, Frank and Henry. ... their dad wanted boys. Maude was a male.

    • Did Festus know Morse code?
      • No ... he couldn't even read

    • Festus had a passion for pickles.
      • False

    • Excited about a new born baby in Dodge, Festus did not choose to use his carpentry skills to make a rocking horse. What, rather, did he make?
      • A rocking mule

    • Before Doc pulled one, how many teeth did Festus have (to within three)?
      • Thirty six

    • Festus' best friend as a boy was named
      • Cousin Firt.
      • Cleavus.
      • Gerty Haggen.
      • Astin the Kid.

        Answer: ... Cleavus

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