In Good Time


I know it's late

And the tater bugs

Are thick in the field

Eatin' our spuds.

I swear to you, woman

I'll kill every one

In good time.


I know that the weeds

Are chokin' the corn

And all of the beans

Are smothered with thorns

I'll hoe `em all out

Like a thunder storm

In good time.


So sit your body down

And let it suck up some of this sun.

It ain't the time for fixin' things

Or gettin' nothin' done

Sip some honey lemonade

And feel it's cool caress -

Close your eyes and shut your mouth

And give your jaws a rest.


I know the roof leaks.

It's leaked since spring.

But it's sunny now.

No leaks and no rain,

But I'll buy some tar

And plug everything

In good time.


I'm gonna sit here in this shade

And sing a lazy song.

Sip my honey lemonade

And do nothin' all day long

And plug my ears so I can't hear

You tell me what to do.

You're waggin' tongue's about as fun

As when we had the flu.


I'll get to work.

I'll clean the barn.

I'll fix the roof

And I'll hoe your corn.

I'll kill all them bugs

And pull up the thorns

In good time.


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