As Much as I Love You

(The Farmersburg News)

Connie's grandfather published a newspaper called The Farmersburg News. Later is was published be her father Charlie and, even later, her brother Rick. This song was written to Connie & sung at our wedding reception.For Audio of this song, click HERE.


        If I wanted to

        I could make the Farmersburg News.

        If I could kick a football

        As far as I love you.

          It would go so long and high

          It'd disappear into the sky

          And circle the world `bout ninety times

          That's what it would do.


        If I wanted to

        I could really make the Farmersburg News.

        If I could run in circles

        As fast as I love you.

          I could stir up big typhoons

          Disturb the peace with sonic booms

          And from the sky suck in the moon

          That's what I could do.


        If I had thirst to match my love

          I could drink oceans dry.

            If I breathed deep to match my love

              I'd inhale the sky.


        If I wanted to

        I could buy the Farmersburg News

        If I could earn the money

        To match my love for you.

          And I could pay the nation's dept

          Buy GM and the New York Mets

          And rent Vermont for a summer rest

          That's what I could do.


        If I was big as love for you

          I'd stand `bout ten miles tall.

            If I had muscles to match my love

              They'd look like bowling balls.


        If we wanted to

        We could make the Farmersburg News

        If your deep love for me

        Matched my love for you

          We'd be on the social page

          Tellin' the world that we're engaged

          And plan ourselves a wedding day

          And I'm so glad you do

          Love me like you do

          As much as I love you.