Arthur: the Drip

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Arthur was a teeny drip

Who drifted around

Watching the world from two miles up

In a nimbus cloud

    Arthur's girl was Judy

    A pretty little drip

    Together they sailed the endless sky

    In their wolly ship.


One day Art's cloud darkened

And spit out lightening balls

And Art condensed and Judy cried

As he began to fall.

    Art felt the wind whip by him,

    Fearfully looked around,

    And saw millions of fellow drops

    Falling to the ground.


Arthur fell for two miles

And splatted on hard dirt

It broke his nose and sprained his brain

And made his ankles hurt

    Art pulled himself together

    To be gobbled down a drain

    In a raging churning current

    Of fellow drops of rain.


Art floated in the sewer

And down a drainage pipe

He bobbed and swirled and pitched and rolled

Well into the night

    When the sun brought morning

    Art emptied in a stream

    That emptied to a river

    That emptied in the sea.

Art was a drip no longer

But part of a big sea

He hated to be crowded

With no identity

    He thought of pretty Judy

    And the wet times that they had had

    His love for her dawned on him

    His longing heart grew sad.


Arthur bobbed and floated

From mid July to May

When a miracle happened to Arthur Drip

One balmy summer day.

    While floating on the surface

    Of the motionless sea

    Art evaporated!

    And drifted skywardly.


Up and up and upward

Shot Arthur in the air

Away from hustle bussle

Away from crowds and cares.

    He floated high and mighty

    In the freedom he'd forgot

    He breathed in deep and gave God thanks

    For summers - calmly hot.


Art floated to a cloud

To see if Judy was there

He looked and asked and searched but cried

Cause nobody knew where

    When close to giving up

    He heard a little voice

    His head shot up, he saw his girl

    So pretty, round and moist.


Arthur's lips met Judy's

And two drips became one

Their surface tension merged their minds

And two drips became one.

    They broke the rays of sunshine

    Into a rainbow arc

    And mixed their molecules so they

    Could `nere be pulled apart.


Now Art and Judy have love

In every type of weather

Knowing if the storm comes back

They'll rain to earth together.

    Arthur is a little drip

    Who floats around

    And watches the world from three miles up

    In a nimbus cloud.